The funding team focuses on first product manager ,and have the experience of one product in million quantity. The team always keeps discovering the market, focuses on multidimensional development, shares the ideas and values on the forum, attends the class of IPSD

      We are rich in material and tech, which can accelerate the proposal and development of brand, satisfy the needs of brand upgrading and product creativity in internet era,offer vertical product line service, and solve the key problem of product development and supplier line.

      Mispo focuses on close-fitting wear in segment market, including functional sports, city outdoor, functional home-wear, personalized swimwear, tech beach-wear, smart wearable equipment.

Product Series

Functional Active 

According to customer different demand, mispo develops different functional product to satisfy the needs.

Urban home 

Base on comfortable, environmental, and health, mispo develops series of home-wear to satisfy the continuous growing pursuit of home-wear.

Technology products 

Aim at the demand of body-shape, mispo develops peach legging series. It can shape abdomen and lift the hips, supports to compress and relax varicosity. The materials are Lycra Spandex and superfine nylon fiber.

Smart Wear 

Monitoring heart rate and heating wear as the representative product of smart sports and daily wearable equipment